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Amaze File Manager

Android good including the fact that the user has full file system access and the ability to use file managers to work with it (and if you have root access — more full access). However, not all file managers are equally good and free, have a sufficient set of features.

This is the best file managers for Android (mostly freeware or shareware), describes their functions, features and some interface decisions and other details which can be in favor of choosing one or the other. By the way, did you know that Android 6 has its own built-in file Manager, though very simple?

In addition to the standard functions of a file Manager there are tools for managing applications. Mounted on the device software can run, delete, to open the market or to produce it back up. In the settings of Amaze File Manager sets the color of the interface, select the theme, icons, etc.

If you want you can log in via Google+ and also to change the sorting property or enable show hidden files and folders. Advanced users can activate root mode available for devices with root-rights.

Amaze File Manager appeared recently, but has already received a lot of positive feedback on Google Play. The program provides everything you need for a file Manager function, and its interface is very stylish and comfortable.

The developers say that there are problems when working with the memory card, because the project at the time of writing was still in beta testing. The final grade score 4.4 from Google Play can be considered quite reasonable.

That functions:

  • All the necessary functions to work with files and folders
  • Support themes
  • Working with multiple panels
  • Application Manager
  • Root access to the files if you have rights on your phone or tablet.
  • The result: a simple and beautiful file Manager for Android with no extra features.

Download Amaze File Manager for Android

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