Did you know that mobile games and apps you can start using bluestacks on PC? Bluestacks is a free program that allows you to emulate the work of the APK files in Windows operating systems and Mac OS.

What is Bluestacks? This is a program for PC that allows you to run APK files Android. The language and spinning the word “emulator”, but if you look closely, the term in the relationship of the program can be used with great stretch.

On the other hand, the app gives full access to Google Play with all the consequences:

  • the ability to download the application;
  • buy in the store;
  • work with the programs;
  • file system access, etc.

In addition, Bluestacks, free download which is available on our website, the default has been updated to the latest version of Android. Why isn’t this an emulator?

The features and capabilities of Bluestacks

Emulation implies a complete copy of the system’s functions that copy. In our case we are dealing with apk player. In other words, after downloading Bluestacks, you can run any application on Windows:

  • game;
  • app;
  • messengers;
  • clients of social networks;
  • diaries;
  • reading room and not only.

Bluestacks is indispensable for those same developers and testers who don’t have a smartphone, but check out the functionality of a program is necessary.
Available switching between windowed and full-size modes. In this case, the control is with the mouse and keyboard. It is noteworthy that some games, in particular Angry Birds, support a gamepad.

Install and run Bluestacks


To install Bluestacks as easily as any other. EXE file. Now, with regard to restrictions on the system:

  • processor – Pentium 4, and preferably 2 cores of 2.5-3 GHz;
  • RAM – 2 GB and above;
  • Video card – GeForce 9600 or equivalent;
  • Mouse, keyboard.

If your requirements do not meet the claims, Bluestacks is installed, but can significantly inhibit. Emulators are very voracious. By the way, installed Bluestacks may take about 9 GB of free space. A little later explain why.
Installation takes 10-15 minutes, depending on the power of iron. During the installation process you will demonstrate the most popular apps for Android.

Now on the run. After you have downloaded Bluestacks, it will immediately invite you to register in Google Play (otherwise to the store to get). Enter data from your account, if any, or create a new account (this information will not be available to third parties). Then you acknowledge the privacy policy and on this initial setup is complete.


With regard to memory consumption and other gotchas. On our website you can download Bluestacks for free, but there is one thing. Each day when the program starts you will see a notification such as the following:

I.e. to maintain for developers and removal of omnipresent advertising will need to pay 2$ per month or 24 per year, respectively. Either have to install a list of free apps that are popular this week. Since most users are not inclined to part with their money, they choose the second item category. As a result of constant downloading and updating of software, games and apps that are saved on the hard disk. That’s why Bluestacks initially reserve 9 GB.

By the way, some applications run not quite as they should. In particular, Temple Run will open in portrait orientation, but with a tilt to the left. And if you want to jump, the character, pressing “up” will make the movement to the right. However, this problem is easily solved using manual settings.

But with Subway Surfers no problems. Bluestacks is reconstructed independently in landscape mode. Role swipes perform the same arrow on your keyboard and double-tapping, to call the skate, performs a double click. Overall, download Bluestacks for games is justified. When properly configured, the gameplay is quite comfortable.
In any case, each application is configured differently, common standards are not provided. Although you can play around with the settings open. Open the settings on the main page and find the “resize…”

Changing the orientation of the startup if this option is enabled, switching between these options:

  • smartphone (if any);
  • tablet;
  • by default.

Another drawback is the lack of a standard keyboard to zoom in. In other words, the photo you fingers will not increase. Yes on Google Earth and especially landscapes not consider. On this list, too, is finished and if you are not afraid of it - hurry free download Bluestacks and start enjoying all the features of the system.

To whom it will be useful to download Bluestacks

Bluestacks was created primarily for gamers who want to play your favorite games for Android, with the comfort of a personal computer. Agree, I run the same Clash of Clans on the monitor with a diagonal of 22 inches, much nicer than playing on a 5-7” screen. Besides, do not have to constantly monitor the battery and to choose between “play” and “call”.
Download Bluestacks it will be useful to testers and developers of Android applications. First, they can open on the PC any APK file that will automatically appear in Bluestacks. It does not matter whether it is Google Play or not.

Of course, to thoroughly test the functionality will not work because of the touch component is absent here, as such. Will have to check the mouse and keyboard. Although the problems if they are present, it is still a show.


The results

Bluestacks is a free download which you can on this site – complete environment to run any Android apps. This is not an emulator, as many people think, although it has many adjustable options for comfortable work.

Almost all games if you have a less powerful computer will run smoothly without brakes. Bluestacks can be downloaded for free from the upper block of the page.

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The website with the selection of the most popular apps for watching movies

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  1. I tried to download this app and Showbox to my pc and found the Bluestacks to be extremely slow loading and my Showbox would not work at all. every movie I tried to open came back unable to process. I spent two days trying to Download Showbox to my pc and still doesn’t work. I even upgraded to Windows 10 and still can’t get it to work. Also the screen for the official page is to big for my screen and I have tried to shrink it so I can get to the menu on the left side. I barely see the scroll bar. I love it on my tablet and would love it on on pc as the screen is bigger and I have a cord to watch it on my tv.

    • I had the same problem and this is what I figured out. On your bluestacks screen…scroll down to audio and video. Click the + more tabs. Scroll through till you see the showbox app with human eye on it. Click it to download it. Once its downloaded…you got it.

    • I am having the exact same issue. I went through all that for nothing smh

  2. i downloaded the showbox app and downloaded a video file. But the video file plays slow and audio is also slow not running at the normal speed.. what to do ?

  3. I’ve downloaded Bluestacks and I’m trying to download showbox but I can’t.

    • what do you not get? downloaded showbox from your site and open it with the emulator