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Circle of 6 Android Prevents Violence

The Circle of 6 application supplies a system for individuals to quickly connect their security needs with six trusted individuals. It’s focused largely on sexual offense, although does consist of sources on intimate partner misuse.

After picking six people to be part of the circle, the user could send automated messages to them through quick icon buttons. This includes requesting a person to “come and also get me” (that includes details on the phone’s location if area services are turned on), asking for someone to call as well as give a disturbance, or letting the calls know that the customer has to talk to someone.

An additional application, Circle of 6 U, allows university campuses to personalize the app especially for their trainees as well as the sources available to them. The application will also promptly connect users to the university policies on sexual assault as well as abuse.

What We Love Circle of 6:

This app does not accumulate any determining info from the individual.

Individuals can go into a variety of their choice to be consisted of in the quick dial emergency options as well as it does not need to be within their call list. This means survivors might enter in the number of a domestic violence program without conserving that number in their phone where the abusive person may see it.

When initially including people to the circle, the user reaches choose whether they will certainly be immediately alerted about belonging to the circle. This allows the individual to talk about why they are using the app as well as exactly what they require from the contacts when they are ready.

The application is available in English and also in Hindi.

Security as well as Privacy Considerations:

Personal Details & Usage Circle of 6:

There is a lengthy Condition that includes a Privacy Policy that users have to approve before using the application. Survivors need to always read such policies thoroughly to assist establish if they wish to use that service and also, if so, what information they will share by means of the app.

The Conditions states that Technology 4 Good could share individual information of customers in order to abide by lawful requests.

Area Information:

It’s constantly possible that the place details shown to others will certainly not be specific. When tested, the area would typically be simply a little off. If circle calls know with where the individual is, the distinction between where they are and where the map says they are may not be a concern. Nonetheless, if the customer is in an unknown structure, neighborhood, or dormitory, it could be difficult for the contacts to discover their specific area. If someplace unknown, customers need to try to give as much details to their area as feasible. If using this application for enhanced safety and security, it could likewise help to let get in touches with recognize beforehand if going somewhere brand-new.

To enhance privacy and safety and security, switch off the place services in the phone when done utilizing the application.

Communicating with Calls Circle of 6:

When utilizing the application to send a message to the get in touches with, it will send in the form of a text from the default texting platform on the phone. It could not be clear to all customers that this interaction route will be in the texting logs. If worried concerning personal privacy, the customer ought to erase the sent sms message.

The customer has to assign six get in touches with to use the application’s functions, which are included directly from the phone’s get in touch with checklist. Nevertheless, some survivors might be concerned concerning the violent individual browsing their call listing and could want to add a person who is not noted (an advocate or officer, for example). Survivors can add any person to the customized number choice, although this only offers the user the opportunity to call them, not include them in the circle.

If the survivor does not want to interact using the application with six various individuals, some of the get in touches with can be gotten in numerous times (the contacts will simply get multiple messages).

All 6 get in touches with will certainly become part of all interactions sent via the application. The customer can pass by to utilize it to only connect a requirement with 2 or three out of the group.

To guarantee safety, we suggest individuals review a plan with their get in touches with to make sure that the circle won’t assume that another person is calling the individual back or most likely to select them up. Logistically, there is no way for the get in touches with to speak to each other and they may unknown each other to communicate outside of the app. Survivors could be left without help if everybody in their circle thinks that another person is helping. Additionally, it could be irritating for get in touches with if greater than one person comes to an area to offer the requested trip.

The upgraded variation allows users to send a notice to the circle that they are okay. One plan could be that when a person in the circle is offered in order to help, the user sends out that message out so the other get in touches with understand. It is very important that this be a communicated process to make sure that the rest of the circle is upgraded without the a single person intending to react believing that the customer not requires support.

Available Resources Circle of 6:

The exclamation point symbol permits the individual to swiftly call a “24h Safety Hotline” or “Connection Advice.” Individuals are not given clear details about who they would be getting in touch with. These sources are for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Love Is Regard Helpline. Both are 24-hour anonymous hotlines. When preferring to call either, the outgoing call will be recorded in the call log. If worried about a violent individual browsing the phone, call either hotline from a various phone.

Privacy on Campus Circle of 6:

If utilizing the Circle of 6 U app, users need to know the discretion constraints of university staff. Survivors can ask about privacy and reporting responsibilities before divulging individual details so they are able to make an enlightened choice about just what to share. If the university could not provide the degree of confidentiality the survivor would like, they can seek solutions from a neighborhood residential or sex-related physical violence program that is off-campus.

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