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Why Viu app is best for Asian people

If you are looking for the perfect application that could give you all the channels and your favorite shows at once, place then you are on the right article. The Viu app is one of the best apps regarding Tv shows and channels.

You can enjoy the latest shows on this application. You can install Viu app apk easily on your smart phone and enjoy the live streaming of the different channels. If you have a weak internet connection, then do not worry because this application works perfectly on the slow internet as well.

Further, you can download the videos and can watch them later when you are offline. It is not mandatory to be connected to the internet all the time. You can download your favorite shows by this application can watch later when you are free. It has wonderful features and contains all the content that you required.

It is a free application and you do not need to pay anything but if you want to unlock more features than you have to get a premium of the Viu application.

Free Korean TV shows on Viu app, just launched in Singapore

If you are from Singapore or Hong Kong then it is the best application for you because you can enjoy all kinds of TV shows on this application. This application creates especially for Hong Kong and Singapore people and you can find all shows of these countries channel on this application.

Further, this content is not available in other countries because of the privacy and license issue. When you get the premium package of this Viu application, then you can do unlimited downloading and streaming of the shows, but with the free package, you cannot do unlimited downloading.  You can also bookmark your favorite shows and get notification of your favorite shows when they are available on the application to watch.

Viu for iOS - Free download and software reviews

If you want to cancel the premium package, then you have to cancel before 48 hours of the expiration date of a monthly package, then they would be able to disconnect your credit card. Further, you can enjoy streaming on your mobile or on your smart TV.

You can download and install the Viu app apk on your smart Tv and run directly on it and watch the different shows on big screen. It is the unique features of this amazing application. You can download Viu app from app store and play store. It is available for Android and Apple users.

Download VIU app on your ANDROID or IOS

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