Flipps TV App for android

How Flipps TV App work and its benefits

If you are looking for the application, through which you could control the television and start any channel or video via smart phone, then your search over now because Flipps TV App is one of the best apps through which you can run any channel or video in the television.

It has versatile features that would astonish you and compel you to use this application because it has everything that could give you entertainment.

How Flipps TV App works

You have to connect your television with internet connection and then connect your mobile with the same network internet connection. It is very important that TV and your smart phone remain connected with the same network otherwise, this application will not work.

Flipps TV for android

Now you can start Flipps TV App and select any channel or video that you want to play on the TV. When you start the video or channel on Flipps TV Apk it would automatically start on your selected TV and you can enjoy the movie on big TV screen. Wonderful technology has made the life easy. Now you can every any kind of movie easily on a big screen by running it on an LCD, LED or TV.

Benefits of Flipps TV App

You do not need to connect cable or any device that would take the channel to your LED. Even, you do not need to pay high bills of the cable subscriptions because Flipps TV offers different packages and free channels as well through which you can run TV and enjoy many channels through your Smartphone.

You can also control the channel for preventing your kids to watch any adult channel. It has all the features that you want in any cable connection.

Flipps TV Apk

Features of Flipps TV App

  • You can set the TV volume by using your mobile application and further, you do not need to use remote for changing the channel, you can do it via this app.
  • You can run any TV channel or video on big screen TV, Led by using this versatile application.
  • You can replay your favorite shows by using this application because it saves all the shows and you can start by selecting.

It is the wonderful application for TV addicted because you can find everything here that you want to watch on a big screen and enjoy your good time with family.

Download Flipps TV App for android 

Flipps TV on Google play

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