Download player DeaDBeeF Player Pro + Plugins for Android

Player DeaDBeeF Player Pro

DeaDBeeF Player is a music player that can work with many audio file formats such as mp3, aac, mp4, ogg, wav, flac and other, and streaming online radio. Supported CUE with automatic splitting images into tracks. The player is able to realize seamless playback of the songs, and the sound quality matches the quality of DVD players.

The player has a ten-band equalizer with function of preset creation, but ready in application no. You can download DeaDBeeF Player for Android for free on our website. The application supports many playlists you can add individual tracks or entire folders. The player also allows you to delete songs from a playlist or from the memory of the device. Songs can be played sequentially or at random selection on the tracks and albums.

The player is quite concise design, supports three style - light, dark, and LCD style. The music playback control you can perform from the player, using the buttons on the headset or the widget that must be installed separately. A nice feature of the player is the ability to install it on the SD card, which is important for the owners of budget gadgets.

Also, DeaDBeeF Player supports scrobbling via mobile app or Scrobbledroid that allows you to save the played tracks to your profile on Feature of this mobile apps is the presence of advertising Google AdMob, which can be removed only by purchasing the PRO version of the player. Download DeaDBeeF Player is very simple on our website, just click on the link below to start the download.

The possibilities of the player can be expanded using plugins, which You can download when you first launch the player. How to assure the developers, after the recent finalization of this application the battery power a lot less, and if to be exact, about 30-50% (HTC Desire 2.2).


• Support music files of high quality.
• Supports the most used formats of music.
• Equalizer to adjust the sound of music MP3 or any other format to Your liking.

A lot of other useful stuff that should have a media player on Your Android to listen to your favorite mp3 music in great sound quality.

To start using the app You should download DeaDBeeF Player for Android for free from our website without SMS and without registration. Try it! And You will not regret it!

Download DeaDBeeF Player for Android

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