ShowBox Official website

ShowBox Official website


    • Please can you add season 1 & 2 of Marvels Jessica Jones on Netflix. Been waiting for it for ages. Please upload it..all other Marvel Netflix shows are on showboxm

  1. Where has Jessica Jones gone???? Seem to be quite a few glaring omissions,starting to appear in the app, now. Jessica Jones, Star Trek TNG, to name just 2.

  2. Can you add Jessica Jones and stargate origins on show box please, also can you do anything about all the pop ups we are getting, very annoying

  3. What the hell is with this drone storm pop up, its so fucking annoying…it pops up every-time i try and watch something, i get that you make money by allowing adds through but this is beyond ridiculous now…its making me think that using your app is not worth it…please if you only remove one of these adds make it this one!!!

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