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Telegram Messenger for Android is a new project? Invented by the Creator of one of the most famous in the world of social networks “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov. An application designed to send messages in unlimited quantities. In the program, with emphasis on the quickness of shipment and the security of personal data.

With Telegram Messenger app for Android, You have the ability to send text messages as well as video and audio files no bigger than 1Gb. Also, for the convenience of users has been developed the ability to communicate in group chats. Water from these chats can simultaneously and communicate with each other up to 200 people. Many experts predict that the application Telegram Messenger on Android,will be the killer of the already existing messenger competitor WhatsApp.

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Taking into account the fact that the actor is constantly in his projects and cares about the safety of personal data of its customers, don’t forget about the right to privacy here. For people who want to keep secret their correspondence, there are special Secret chats. Information, which is located in the message can only be read by the recipient. After clearing the messages, you can enable self-destruct.

Despite the fact that all of these a secret message to pass through the Central server, the history of such messages is not stored there. The company is the developer who guarantees its users that the personal information of the account, not under any circumstances be shared with third parties.

As stated by many users who have already tested the project of Pavel Durov is the most reliable instant messenger on the market because it retains its performance even in areas with limited or poor Internet connection .

You just need to download Telegram for Android for free and start using the app. All messages are sent completely free of charge, in the service and claims administration, will never advertising and subscription fees for the services of the messenger.

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You can delight your friends, new photos, audio hits and videos, absolutely free, the main thing that Your caller is also installed on the mobile device. If you don’t someone from Your friends or relatives, You can send them an invitation to register. To register in the app is quite simple.

On our website you can download Telegram for Android phone free, register the app and start chatting! The application binds the account to Your mobile phone number. You enter your number, then your telephone will receive an SMS message with an activation code that must be entered in the appropriate field.

If for some reason SMS has not come, do not worry, there is another way to activate – call the number listed and the girl a pleasant voice on the other end, will give You the correct code. At first glance it sounds complicated, but it’s very simple to deal with this problem everyone can.

Download Telegram for Android

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