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Popcorn Time — watch the best movies on your Android without downloading and registration

Project Popcorn Time said loudly about themselves a little more than half a year ago. The idea of instant view movies from torrent-networks has been so successful that no effort of the right holders are unable to put that Genie back in the bottle.

The result of this struggle was only the division of the project into several independent branches, close to which was even harder. In addition, recently, in addition to the desktop client, there was also a version for mobile devices running Android.

For obvious reasons, Popcorn Time app is not in the directory Google Play, so download the program will have directly from the developer’s site. After installing and starting you will be greeted by the main screen that displays the front pages of new and popular movies.

On the left there is a special panel, which can be used to display only the movies of a particular genre or use the search bar to find particular names.


Once you have selected your movie, get to their profile page where you can read a brief summary, view the trailer, download the file to your device for delayed viewing or playback.

In the next step you will have to watch a few minutes of watching a completely black screen, on which alone adorns the progress bar load. So you won’t be bored, can also show information about number of seeders, peers and data transfer speed. However, you get bored it would hardly be possible, because the playback starts quite quickly.

The built-in  Popcorn Time for android quite simple and provides only basic playback functions. Swipe left-right and up-down you can control volume and brightness and the touch of the screen will put the playback to pause.

Download Popcorn Time

It should be noted that there is in this barrel of honey and a few significant drawbacks. Sometimes the picture is corny inhibits and breaks down into pixels. However, it is possible that this is a problem specifically with my antiquated smartphone.

Popcorn Time apk will help you to organize a mobile cinema in any place where there is a high-speed connection to the Network. You simply choose a movie and begin to watch. No extra actions.

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