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What is the motive of V Live App?

The V Live app has created for those people want to know everything about their favorite celebrities.

This application contains the videos of all your favorite artist and celebrity. Therefore, you have to follow the celebrity profiles and you will get all the latest videos of the celebration. As much as you like the videos that more chemistry beat, would increase between you can celebrity?

The V Live app has created for those people who love the celebrity and want to watch each and every video regarding them.

The motive of V Live app is to connect all the fans with their favorite celebrities and provide all the videos regarding their favorite celebrities whether they are on vacation, on shooting or celebrating any party. The videos would be updated on V Live app so that fans could watch and enjoy.

There are millions of followers of different celebrities in this application and they are also expanding the application by giving benefits to those users who are active and participate in all the events and watch videos frequently and like or follow the celebrate.

The owner of the V Live app starting and the event in which they would invite celebrities and fans who are continuously watching the videos and active on this app and arrange a meeting for those fans with their favorite celebrity. It is going to be the big reward for the fans who are very active in this application. It is the way to attract the people toward the app.

Further, you can also buy the videos of music albums, of different singers on V Live app. The price of the videos is cheaper than the market price. Therefore, you can prefer to purchase from here of your favorite singer video songs. All the songs available in high quality with good sound effects. You can join V Live app free of cost and there are no charges of following the celebrities and watching their videos.

The V Live app allows you take photos or make a video and share through your profile and those people who have followed you would be able to watch it.

Microphone and storage in the device are required for this application because the videos or photo you share on this application would be saved on your phone and further, if you want to download any celebrity videos then you have to save in your phone instead of an application.

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