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MX Video Player — software for creating music videos on your mobile device. The application is a kind of portable Studio for users who want to be celebrities. In the music library of a project there are many demos of well-known performers which can be applied to the recorded video. In addition, you can choose your composition, if you are not afraid to violate copyrights.

Recently updated line of players. Many users have their favorite. However, they are not always able to open your desired file format. For these cases, kept utilities that may be not very easy to use, but expand the list of available formats. However, now all these players disappears. Because now you can use the universal MX Player for android, able to work with files of any format, not only AVI, MOV or MKV.

Due to the fact that the program works on the principle of a multi-core decoding, its performance increased to 70%. So, perhaps there is no format that she can’t handle. In addition, the program allows you to work with subtitles. But this is not limited to its capabilities. Indeed, thanks to this utility, you can make subtitles fixes. Another problem that often faced those who watch the video: when the sound is ahead or behind the video. This problem can be overcome if you download MX Player for android. Utility synchronizes.

In addition, the availability more advanced settings allow to adjust the sound (it can be increased by 200%), the screen (stretch, crop, show in their original size), configure a hardware or software method, choose color themes, types of sorting rollers.

If you are afraid that your children by mistake will remove the program, you can activate the function of protection, thus they not only can grey tool, but can not make settings changes.

Many liked another function where all the audios and your videos are highlighted from the rest.
The program itself at boot time analyses of your device to identify those files that are available for viewing. You can also in the system build your list, customize the search engine to search for files. In the case that you had to interrupt the scan and close the program, next time when you upload your video demonstration will start from where it was stopped.

The main difference of this tool from the number of similar — wide list of formats that it is able to play. In addition, when you install this program you don’t need to worry about installing codecs. All of them are in the database utility. And thanks to the English version you will not have problems with the settings. For smartphone users will be the actual question that this program does not use a large amount of RAM.

And against this even the outdated design does not seem like such a big minus. But the presence of the paid version might seem a disadvantage. But to say that its difference from free is no ad units.

MX Video Player for Android free download

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