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When I had only one smartphone with the Android OS , we can solve this problem , as watching a long video (e.g. , movie ), did not arise, since I only watched a short video in the official YouTube app or on the sites due to the fact that it is quickly discharged, and the screen was not particularly large ( 4.3 inches ).

But after I got a mini PC iMito MX1 , I had to find a special program to view the video with good quality , so you with sites online was not very comfortable due to the fact that many websites have no adaptation for mobile devices , players for uncomfortable viewing , well, and many other nuances .

In principle , good app , but there is a small database of movies and series and HD and Full HD video quality is almost there , so I began to look for alternatives .

Download Showbox for IPhone and iPad (iOS)

During my search I had to stumble upon a huge number of applications , among which I identified some of the best , in my opinion . Looking ahead , I will say that some programs do not work in other countries.

The first app that I have found , is ShowBox . It was very convenient and easy to search video .

Since the videos in the app load from the site Vkontakte , trouble finding any TV shows , movies, and other things, not because of the large videocontent base.

To download the application from the official website Showbox of the developer .

showbox app

Run ShowBox on your PC | Laptop Download for Windows 8/7/8.1

In the ShowBox app I liked the fact that you can easily find a movie , series and so on with FullHD or HD- quality, popular with your translation and the possibility of viewing almost all in the original language without translation .

If someone has a video of it working smoothly or simply you do not allow the Internet to watch videos with big size , you can look lightweight the file in which the quality from the original practically does not differ .

I was also pleased with the ability to download the required video ( both original and lightweight ).

Or you can download the ShowBox apk on our website

Download Showbox apk website

The website with the selection of the most popular apps for watching movies

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